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Virtual Bullet Hell

vb shooter fx updates

Lots of new updates today: Blood spatter, dependent on enemy size and on damage/destruction Camera zoom in and out for specific areas Improved AI system for enemy attacking and movement Enemy spawn, entry, and fun animations!

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Afterlife blog 00

Change your perspective to shift elements and solve puzzles. Creative puzzle-platforming adventure using a limited color palette.

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Turbo City Gaiden: Rental Rumble!

Video Game Music Podcast

We're taking it back to the days of big eyes, big swords, and big fight scenes! That's right, we're kicking it old-school with 16-bit style anime games! Lots of nostalgia in this episode, everything from searching for anime VHS tapes to arguing who your favorite Ranma character is! Lots of great tunes in this episode too, these tracks are rocking! Find more of the podcast! Support the show!

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