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Virtual Bullet Hell

vb shooter fx updates

Lots of new updates today: Blood spatter, dependent on enemy size and on damage/destruction Camera zoom in and out for specific areas Improved AI system for enemy attacking and movement Enemy spawn, entry, and fun animations!

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Afterlife blog 00

Change your perspective to shift elements and solve puzzles. Creative puzzle-platforming adventure using a limited color palette.

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Turbo City Gaiden: Rental Rumble!

Video Game Music Podcast

Episode 28-9 Summer of 16-bit: Run’N’Gun Rhythm and Pixels Video Game Music Podcast

Ready for some serious JAMS? Get ready for some Schwarzenegger cross Stallone 16-bit action! That's right, we're listening to the most manly-manly of classic game genres: run and gun! There's a small debate as to what the genre is exactly, but there's one thing for sure: we will be running. And there might be some explosions! And breaking into song like out of a musical, the musical version of Predator am I right!? Find more of the show! Support the podcast!

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