Untitled twin-stick bullet-hell in a demonic universe. All in the Virtual Boy palette of course!

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vb shooter fx updates

Lots of new updates today: Blood spatter, dependent on enemy size and on damage/destruction Camera zoom in and out for specific areas Improved AI system for enemy attacking and movement Enemy spawn, entry, and fun animations!

New UI, FX, and enemies

I’ve been adding a whole host of features to my twitchy little bullet hell game! Full controller support / mouse/keyboard support Enemy AI creeps around, aims, and fires Bullet animations Dodge, dash, animations New artwork!

vb_hell demo

I decided to start taking limited-color-palette to another extreme and limit myself to the 4 red and black colors of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. The idea is to make a fast-paced twin-stick shooter with the fast paced swarms of enemies from Robotron. But instead of futuristic evil robots, it’ll have a satanic style like Doom… Read More vb_hell demo